PotashCorp Wintershines is over for another year.

Thank you for joining us for 9 days of festivities.  See you next year!

PotashCorp is proud to sponsor WinterShines, where you'll find lots of frosty fun!

International Ice Carving Events

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World Class Ice Carving Exhibits’ at PotashCorp Wintershines 2016!


 “The ice carving will be an amazing experience done by a crew of international ice carvers”, says Kim Ali, WinterShines Festival Director.  “Starting the weekend of January 15th, they will be working on their creations like the ice castles and ice playground and it will take them a full week to complete their masterpieces.  Everyone can come see these amazing artists at work. “

Ice Carving activities brought to you by:

Fire and Ice Creations


Ice Fight Schedule:

Everyone is invited to come down and watch the international ice carvers compete in an ICE FIGHT: 

  • Saturday January 23 from 10am-1pm - Round 1 

  • Saturday January 23 from 1:30 until 3:00 - Round 2 


2016 International Ice Carvers

Peter Fogarty         Peter is the owner of Fire and Ice Creations, a Saskatoon based ice sculpture company. Peter was a chef for 30 years before deciding to pursue his passion of ice carving. His company has created sculptures for everything from the Juno Awards, in Saskatoon and Moose Jaw, Both Grey Cups in Saskatchewan, to Ice Bars and Centennial celebrations thru out Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.

This is Peter’s 8th year with Wintershines - http://www.fireandicecreations.ca/about.html

 Junichi Nakamura             Japanese artist Junichi Nakamura is widely regarded as one of the best ice sculptors in the world. He has taken the gold medal at two Olympic ice carving competitions and has won numerous titles at the World Ice Art Championshipsand even traveled to Chicago in 2000 to win the U.S. national championship. The photos below were taken at competitions in Alaska, Canada, and Utah. In almost every case, Junichi had teammates or a helper that also worked on the sculpture and they’ve been credited whenever possible. 

This is Junichi's FIRST YEAR at PotashCorp Wintershines!  http://www.icecarvingsecrets.com/photos/junichi_nakamura.html

Takashi Ito              Takashi has been carving ice sculptures for many years and is also an executive chef at the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria, BC. Takashi took a short course on ice carving while he was still living in Japan, and since then his passion for it has evolved. He has competed in competitions in the USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, China and more.

This is Tak’s fourth year at Wintershines     http://www.laurelpoint.com/dining/chef_profile

Doug Lingelbach  Doug Lingelbach was born and raised in Saskatchewan.  Earth Artisan for 28 years, Doug works with earth creating sculptures in ice, wood, stone, sand, and snow. 5 years ago Fire and Ice Creations gave Doug a chance to create with ice, and as of then has been sculpting with all our winter festivals, and also across Canada. Doug as of 2015 has turned pro carver and will be also competing on his journey across Canada. Doug is a sculpture who gives thanks to Mother Nature and all the master carvers from across the world who has taught him the skills he has today.


This will be Doug’s third year at Wintershines







Check schedule here for dates and times of the Ice Fights! 



The Ice Carvers will be going head to head Saturday January 23rd! Join us!


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